How to Choose Right Paper for Your Business Calendar?

Hi there, You are here for definitely one reason. You might confuse with selecting the right type of paper for your business calendars. With 20+ years of experience in printing, I understand your problem and it will be solved just by reading this blog post. At the end of this post, you will have laser-sharp clarity for choosing the most reliable paper for your new year calendars.

Defining Your Purpose for Calendar

Before going to depth, we first need to define few things. There are plenty of things to think on before selecting paper for printing business calendars. Ask yourself few questions as below: Whom you want to give calendar? How you will deliver value by gifting to them? What quality do you want to give? Simply defining this, your half work is done. This questioning will give you brief about what your customer wants in your calendar. If you still confused with it don’t worry we are going to resolve and clarify that point.

Selecting Right Customer Base

Depending upon the nature of your business, you must need to know the right target audience. You might have customer base of lower-class, middle-class or upper-class people.

You should not select premium quality of paper for lower or middle-class target people. The quality of calendar can’t relate or reconcile with their lifestyle.

Similarly, you can’t suggest normal quality calendar i.e., single page calendar to your premium customers. 


Identifying Your Budget

Quality of paper directly affects business calendar printing costs. That is why it is important to identify the budget. Price of business calendar varies from 10/- to 50/- and even more.

Cost of paper changes according to GSM, paper grade, and other effects like matt, gloss, semi-gloss etc.

Once you checked out your budget and right target audience, your work is almost done. You just need to check out below table to find suitable paper GSM/quality for your business calendar printing.

Target Customer
Paper Quality / Finish
Regular Customers
Competitive Price
90 GSM
100 GSM
120 GSM
130 GSM
Matt / Gloss Finish
Business Customers
Competitive to Normal Price
120 GSM
130 GSM
150 GSM
170 GSM
Matt / Gloss Finish
Varnished Finish
Premium Customers
Comparatively High Price
150 GSM
170 GSM
210 GSM
250 GSM
Matt / Gloss Finish
Varnished Finish
FBB Board Paper
Kent Ivory


So, I hope you got the right knowledge and you are now go to go for printing your business calendars. If you still have any query you can comment below or contact us at any time. One more thing I want you to focus that we are leading printing company for calendars and have more than 20+ years of experience. You can choose us as a reliable printing partner. Thanks for reading my post. See you soon!!

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