5 Exclusive Letterhead Paper You Should Choose


Hello, if you are here, I know you might be confused with which letterhead paper you should choose as per your requirement.

In this post, I am going to explain to you 5 types of letterhead paper and which one is suitable for you. So let’s get started.


1) Cream Wove Paper (70 GSM)

This one is the most common paper type for letterhead printing. It is made from recycled paper. Although it is recycled paper, its quality is not reduced. People who want to print letterhead in bulk then cream wove is the most cost-effective option for them.

2) Alabaster Paper

Alabaster paper is best option for those who need to print their envelope on laser printer. It is available in two types: 1) 80 GSM and 2) 100 GSM

Its off-white shine makes your letterhead look classic and professional. Best option for corporate, professionals, and big brands.

3) Royal Executive Bond Paper

It is premium type letterhead paper. Executive bond’s major qualities are wood free, great brightness, best strength, and excellent quality.

Available in two types of paper thickness: 1) 85 GSM and 2) 100 GSM

Suitable for bulk as well as small scale printing. If you want to confirm originality of this premium paper then just head over paper in front of light and you will see watermark of “Royal Executive Bond” word.

4) Sunshine Paper

Sunshine paper is one of the most affordable and moderate-quality papers for letterhead printing. This is also available in two types: 1) 80 GSM and 2) 100 GSM

It is slightly yellowish shaded paper and most preferable for small shop owners & retailers. Standard quality and eco-friendly paper that is recyclable.

5) Texture Paper


There is wide variety of texture papers available in market. It depends on what type you want and what business background you have.

Texture paper gives amusing experience to customers and makes long lasting effect. Read more about texture paper here.


I hope you got information what you want. If you still have any queries regarding paper type feel free to contact us or comment below.

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