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About Our Notebooks

We are leading manufacturer of school notebooks. We take great pride in our work and offer bulk notebook printing service in Ahmedabad to all our customers. In the present times, notebooks are more than just things you scribble your notes in or carry to schools. 

They are an indispensable piece of stationary that are important not just for students but people in all kinds of fields and industries. 

With Gurukrupa Printwell, you can get premium customized notebooks at a reasonable price. We firmly believe that the perfect notebook should be functional as well as creative. It should inspire creative ideas and have a smooth-textured paper as well as clear printing. In addition to that, it should have a unique and superior design to match the personality of the user.

This is precisely why we offer unmatchable notebook printing service.

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Why Are We the Best for Bulk Notebook Printing?

There are a number of aspects that make us one of the best notebook printing companies in the India. Here is why we are known as the best custom notebook manufacturers in Ahmedabad!

  • Free Delivery: To begin with, we offer free delivery to our customers within Local Area. Irrespective of the quantity, we can deliver your order within project deadline. In addition to that, we offer an affordable price structure so that you do not have to think about the cost while using our services.
  • Customized Notebooks: Another excellent and persuasive reason to choose us is our skill and expertise. We offer customized notebooks according to the preferences of all our clients. Regardless of the design or format that you are looking for, we can personalize the notebooks exactly how you want them. We also offer leather notebooks at very competitive price.
  • Superior Quality: All our notebooks are of superior quality. Moreover, they are the perfect blend of innovation and creative design. In short, we deliver perfection in every single notebook. We have been in the notebook printing business for a long time. Hence, we know exactly what our customers look for and expect from notebooks.

Specifications of the Notebook

As mentioned above, we, at Gurukrupa Printwell, ensure that your notebook is a representation of your institute/organization as well as something that stands apart from the market. This is precisely why we design all our notebooks with unique specifications and ensure that they are tailored to the requirements and tastes set by each of our customers. We design corporate notebooks and promotional notebooks with printed logos that come with a unique and beautiful cover page. Therefore, all our notebooks are greatly personalized to suit the needs of the customers.

Therefore, if you are looking to make an impression with a personalized notebook, get in touch with us today!

Particulars Details
Available Sizes
200 x 250 mm
200 x 290 mm
225 x 300 mm
No. of Pages
112 / 144 / 180 Pages
Thickness of Title
230 / 260 / 280 GSM (White-back & Grey-back Board)
240 / 260 / 280 GSM (FBB Board)
Thickness of Inner Pages
54 / 58 / 65 / 70 GSM


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