Types of Print Media & Its Benefits for Marketing

In this age of information, it is crucial to stand out for grabbing the attention of customers. Print media is greater for brand awareness. In this blog, we will see various formats of print media and its benefits for businesses.

1) Newspapers

We all know the importance of newspaper. Information about current events are printed on newspaper is reliable. You can advertise in the specified section of newspaper or inserting separate flyers in it. It helps in reaching a wider audience with location specific targeting.

2) Brochures

It is most widely used in print media. Brochures are helpful in giving specific details about your products, services, and business. There is a large range of brochure types including 2-fold, 3-fold, single fold, and z fold. Business can stand out by designing distinct brochure with special paper. Brands can also stand out by printing brochure with special processes like lamination, UV, and varnish. Brand consistency should be maintained to deliver same experience.

3) Catalogs or Product Booklets

Product detail in printed form is more reliable than a digital one. Product booklets are excellent for distributing to dealers, customers, and distributors. Maintaining a color scheme and other brand identity is key for a product booklet to stand out. With a variety of paper, printing, and processes you can also print customized product booklet according to your requirements.

4) Banners

It is cost-effective print media for getting more eyeballs. It should be placed at the right place where people can easily view it. Standies are another form of banners which can standalone without support. You just need to stretch up the banner. It is a modern print media tool. It is mostly used in events, seminars, community get-together, trade shows, and business promotion. They are lightweight and easy to carry. It can get more brand awareness comparatively.

5) Posters

Another large format print marketing tool to make noticeable impact. It can be placed anywhere but most preferably on walls and windows. Posters are better for product focused marketing. It is majorly used in FMCG and consumer centric products. Size of poster is flexible according to the use.

6) Stationery

Print stationery is inevitable for any business. It helps in in-direct marketing. Brand consistency helps in establishing trust and credibility. Business cards, letterhead, envelope, and rough pads are considered as print stationery. It delivers your brand value. Using consistent paper, theme, and style is key to use stationery as in-direct marketing tool.

7) Magazines

Last but not least magazines are extremely helpful for delivering industry information. Advertising in magazines helps you catch the eyes in your industry and increase credibility in your niche. Magazines often used periodically for getting industry insights by businessmen. The most important thing to consider for magazines is a quality of paper and printing finish. Magazine with proper packaging is better. Hence, print media is an unavoidable part of marketing. Standing out in a crowd is important in this world. Hope you got better insight of various types of print media. Have more thoughts or questions? Let me know in comment section below.

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