Effectiveness of Sticker Marketing [Top 5 Benefits]

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Sticker is one of the effective advertising products that can be fit anywhere. When stickers are used carefully to generate brand awareness, it can definitely give you ROI. In this post, I am going to show you how effectively you can use sticker for marketing and branding. I will share some benefits from my experience and customer’s feedback. There is wide range of stickers available in market, but thoughtful selection of sticker materials is necessary. You first need to identify purpose of sticker. Ask some basic questions to yourself. Why am I going to purchase stickers? What is lifetime of product where you are using? What cost it will be? If you don’t get answer, don’t worry, In this post you will definitely get.

Here I am going to share top 5 benefits of using stickers as marketing tool

(1) Sticker is Cost Friendly Product

When you make any marketing strategy, then budget is a must thing to consider. It helps in identifying ROI of campaign. Label printing generally costs much less than any expensive marketing tools like TV advertising, banner ads, hoardings, etc. Creatively designed labels can easily be noticed without much effort to eyes. Custom shaped stickers increase its beauty and saving in sticker material.

You can even print short quantity for testing sticker quality. It is generally available as wide range of different qualities. Some popular types are chromo, mirror coat, transparent, non tearable, panel stickers and many more. Cost varies with quality, quantity and printing type.

(2) Sticker is Different from other Advertising Materials

Sticker can stick anywhere on anyplace. We all know that. But where to use which sticker is the whole different thing. First you need to consult with a sticker printer to get the best suggestion. If you are managing marketing campaign for exhibition or any event then placement of sticker on products, bags and other material is important.

Properly placed label with relevant material is much more effective and indirectly creates a different brand impression. You can even create giveaway events of stickers for marketing and helping others.

(3) Wide Range of Sizes and Shapes

It is widely available from less than 1 inch to maximum as per requirement. This large variety of stickers fit for any business or individual purpose. It is in roll and sheet form. Roll form sticker used in automatic sticker pasting machine. It is generally used for large quantity and has its size limitations. Sheet form is available even in small quantity and has no size limitations.


From shape perspective: square, round, and custom die-cut stickers are commonly used. Die-cut stickers are for custom requirements or having the same shape of pasting area where it is used. It is mostly used in product packaging. So its large variety of sizes and shapes is beneficial for better selection labels.

(4) Easy Integration with Branding Campaign

Every company at some level needs branding to grow their revenue. Stickers are most flexible product that can be integrated with any type of offline branding campaign. It can be used with every type of advertising materials like brochures, catalogs, bags, caps, gift articles, and product packaging.

Anyone can easily integrate with running campaign or one who wants to run campaign in the future. It can effortlessly fit with branding if it thematically designed with current concept. Die-cut stickers are most commonly used for branding due to its uniqueness.

(5) Message Stays Lifetime

It is a very effective tool to communicate with target customers for lifetime. As it sticks lifetime for certain types of materials, it can make long life relationships with existing customers. That is why stickers are beneficial for every business.


You may now have a clear understanding of why sticker marketing is important from every aspect. It is useful for both business and customers. So it creates a win-win situation and beneficial for all. Feel free to ask anything about stickers or labels in the comment section below. I will always happy to hear from you.


  • Thank you so much for pointing out that stickers can be very easily customized for a particular marketing campaign and is permanent on many surfaces, so they will market for years to come! About a month ago, I was talking to my sister, and she mentioned that she wants to start up a sustainable, green business that will sell bracelets and uses the profits to support environmental issues. We want to start working to get her business out to the younger generation that is more supportive of the cause. I would think that cute, fun stickers could be perfect for that!

    • Thank You Greta for your feedback. It is nice to hear from you.

      Bhumi Panchal

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