Visiting Card Sizes – Complete List with Details


In this post, I am going to give you a complete list of visiting card sizes and which size you should choose according to your profession.

Visiting Card Sizes :

1) 91 x 53 mm (3.5″ x 2.0″)

Business Card-91 x 53 mm

It is the most common business card size that everyone is familiar with. Do you know why this one is best for everyone? Yess exactly!! It can best fit in anyone’s pocket and easy to represent yourself. 

It is better for an individual person or shop owners. Bleed size for this size 3 mm from cutting edge of each size.

2) 70 x 70 mm (2.75″ x 2.75″) – Square Size

Business Card-70 x 70mm square

This one is square sized card. It is ideal for creative buddies, freelancers, professional artists, photographers and other individual professionals. It is easy to stand out using different card with special effects. Content area is 3 mm less from the cutting edge from each side.

3) 91 x 100 mm (3.5″ x 4.0″) – Folded Business Card

Business Card-91 x 100mm Folded

As its name suggests, it folded card with one fold less than second one. This one is best suitable for directors, CEOs, executives, corporates, and everyone who want to highlight themselves or their brand. We have specially designed this card differently which you can see in below image. It improves marketing experience for salespersons. 

4) Die Cut or Round Cut Visiting Card

Business Card-Die cut

Die cut business card is custom shaped card to provide personalised experience. It can be of any shape you want to create. General shapes are round, elliptical, round cut and many more. You can also create custom shape of your logo. 350 gsm card stock is best for custom shape business card. Bleed size may vary according to your shape.

4) Die Cut or Round Cut Visiting Card

Business Card-91 x 45mm Tiny

A Tiny visiting card is made for people who are looking for small sized but smart looking card. Best for less detailed content card. This one is not only cost-effective but also best for salesperson and other marketing professionals.


Hope you got what business card size you are looking for. If you still confuse to decide just make us a call at 079 – 25840460. You can also contact us by filling inquiry form. Feel free to call us anytime.


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